Wonder Woman Card

The card Cindy sent to me continues to be an inspiration to this day.

My sister’s breast cancer diagnosis was shocking. There was no history of breast cancer in our family. After running the gamut of emotions, she decided that she would have “Optimal Health”. Meditation and positive visualization were her best allies. As she went through treatment, Cindy was an inspiration to me.

Eight months later I was diagnosed, however in my case the cancer was more extensive and required both breasts being removed. After the initial period of shock and fear, I decided that the surgeons were going to get all of the cancer and that was that. I was quite well endowed for a petite frame and had always wanted breast reduction surgery – wow, be careful what you wish for! The initial meeting with the plastic surgeon was the turning point. I asked if I could choose my new size. When he said yes, I actually felt happy.

Chemo was another time of fear. Before my first session I went to the ladies’ room and decided to lock myself in. Just one problem with that – there was no lock on the door! So I gritted my teeth and decided to just do it. With the help of a doctor who also was also an alternative practitioner I got through chemo pretty well. Often during a chemo session, I wondered what I was doing there – in my mind I wasn’t sick!

There were problems associated with the surgery all the way through, but I just knew in my heart that I was cancer free. A sense of humor made all the difference. When the ER doc asked if the emergency room was being renamed for me, I immediately said NO, but there is some artwork in the lobby that I want!

Cindy and I forged ahead with our lives. Cindy is a spiritual coach. She wrote a course, “Optimal Well Being in the Face of Cancer”, which she began teaching in hospitals and to cancer support groups. I developed Devera Naturals, a line of 100% natural skin care products for women going through treatment.

Today, Cindy’s first book, Clear Connect Create, is being published and my products are being sold in hospitals and boutiques nationally. A percentage of all sales of Devera Naturals is donated to breast cancer research and to a fund for disadvantaged women with breast cancer. My goal is to see cancer wiped out in my lifetime.

I am grateful that my products have touched the hearts of my entire Devera Naturals team and that they have been inspired to spread my message. Some of the women who work with me are survivors. Each is awesome and an inspiration to me. We are all members of the Wonder Woman Sisterhood. Cancer cannot defeat us – we have so much more to accomplish.

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