Winter Skin CareAre you feeling a bit “blah” and less than luminous lately? When the temperature drops and frigid winds gust, glowing, dewy skin can seem as distant as the July sunshine! Don’t let harsh wind and dry indoor heat leave your skin dull and flakey this Holiday season! Devera Naturals offers protection and repair for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Scroll down to learn about subtle tweaks that can give your skin the extra attention it needs in harsh weather!

Start with a Gentle Cleanser

Since skin tends to be dryer when the climate turns cool, avoid using hot water for bathing and make up removal. Furthermore, turn your back on those acidic and harsh grocery store cleansers and tap into the power of nature with Devera Naturals Rosewater Cleansing Toner. This refreshing potion gently hydrates and stimulates the turnover of dead skin cells. Sun and wind don’t stand a chance against this toner’s soothing and moisturizing powers.


Dull skin is caused by the build-up of dead skin cells. To restore your radiant complexion, slough away those flakes like the frost on your windshield (but let’s be a bit gentler). Devera Naturals has just the tool you need, and its scent even fits the season! Cranberry Smoothie Face and Lip Polish gently removes dead skin cells while simultaneously conditioning for a soft and smooth glow! Using DN’s Cranberry Polish on your face and lips at least once a week will have you ready for a close up in all those Holiday photos! With the added benefit of lip plumping and smoothing, you’re bound to get caught below the mistletoe!

Lip Care

We all know chapped and flakey lips are annoying and sometimes painful, but exfoliating regularly and moisturizing daily will prevent this pucker problem all together! Devera Naturals recommends using your Cranberry Smoothie Face and Lip Polish on your lips several times a week. Follow your scrub with Bodacious Lips and let the magic begin! This balm was formulated to leave lips feeling silky for a long and luscious amount of time. You will actually feel the natural ingredients working to plump and moisturize your pout! The “icing on the cake” is the beautiful shine Bodacious Lips leaves behind, making it double as an awesome lip gloss!


Hydrating thirsty skin should be a top priority, especially during the colder months! Making sure you drink plenty of water is a great start, but choosing the right topical moisturizer is important too! Healing oils and humectants, like those found in DN’s Snow Flower Crème play a vital role in protecting and repairing winter skin. This luxurious crème contains plant stem cells of the edelweiss, whose anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties have been recognized for ages. Slather it on daily and watch wrinkles reduce and healthy, nourished skin resurface like a winter flower through the snow!

Tender Eyes

Harsh weather can also take a toll on the delicate skin below your eyes, which is said to be ten times thinner than the rest. Miracle Eyes contains the same fine oils and edelweiss plant stem cells as Snow Flower Crème. Hyaluronic acid and marine extracts have been added to bind moisture to this delicate area creating the perfect blend for repairing fine lines and wrinkles. Cucumber and green tea extracts join the team to address dark circles and pesky puffiness.

Diminish Skin Distress

Purest Pearl works wonders on wind burned and chapped skin any where on your body. This thick and rich moisturizer is made to heal both face and body, with the added perk of a subtle and fresh herbal aroma.

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