Breast cancer led me to the creation of Devera Naturals. Ingredient Geek that I am, I found extremely powerful organic ingredients for visible signs of aging. 

My products are vegan and I only use sustainably harvested ingredients. No toxic ingredients EVER! I began by selling to cancer hospitals where patients and their friends were buying my products. My ingredients were even approved by The Cleveland Clinic. I use only glass containers because glass is infinitely recyclable. My three products were designed to work together. In a panel of 25 women, 95% saw the following results:

Within 5 minutes:

Lines and wrinkles significantly reduced

Puffiness under eyes was diminished

Skin appeared more youthful

Skin felt deeply moisturized

Under eye skin was firmer

Under eye are appeared lifted

After two weeks:

Wrinkles reduced by about 15%

Increased luminosity

Increased skin hydration

Increased skin firmness

Increased skin softness

Increased skin tightness