I wasn’t an artist. My sister was an amazing painter. Not me.

But I became an artist of sorts after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to wait for six weeks before surgery. I thought I would go crazy. I was angry that cancer was interfering with my life.

A few days later I was cutting back a bush in the backyard. I looked around and thought ‘this is a really ugly area’. I began to transform the yard. Everyday I brought home new plants and every day my husband remarked how nice the yard was looking. I began to think I needed Gardener’s Anonymous! Soon I was painting the area using flower colors in much the way my sister painted!

This became my space for meditation and inspiration. The beauty and scents of the flowers spoke to my heart. It was in this garden when I realized not just the beauty of the flowers but also the potential benefits of plants.

And it was here where I was inspired to create Devera Naturals.