Our Reviews

Our Reviews

I have been using Devera Natural products for two months now and noticed results from the very first day! I no longer have bags under my eyes and I am repeatedly told that my skin is glowing. The ingredients in these products and the results are truly magical! Linda is the real deal and her products will start my day for the rest of my life…

Carla Ashton

I love the combo of Sensational in 60 Seconds and Eye Believe in a Miracle. Takes away wrinkles and fine lines and makes me look years younger!


I photographed the results of this product and was completely astonished to see not only through the lens, but also in front of my own eyes, the capability of this product. It eliminates wrinkles and undesirable lines on the face almost instantly. Remarkable products!

Jerry Simpson

Director / Cinematographer, Simpson Films

Just started using Devera Naturals and it feels devine! And of course, I’m looking younger day by day. My skin is normally dry, but with Devera, you would never know it. Try it! You won’t be disappointed! Pricing is great!


We love Devera Naturals and their line of organic and natural skincare products. My wife has seen immediate success with the Eye Believe and You in Bloom (daily face cream) products. Plus, Linda Joffe, the founder of Devera Naturals, is amazing and an inspiration.

Bill Kiefaber

Love Devera Naturals! If you are looking for a product without chemicals that is natural, organic and healthier to use on your skin, Devera Naturals is what you want! I’ve been using Eye Believe in a Miracle (eye cream),and Sensational in 60 Seconds (lifting serum). I’ve seen a big difference in my skin. It’s the best skincare I’ve ever used. You definitely want to get it and experience it for yourself.


I used your products for the first time today and I can already see a difference! Great products! I will testify to anyone!!