At Devera Naturals, our mission is to empower all women to reach their full potential and to enhance their true beauty.

When a woman looks beautiful, she feels beautiful and she’s confident. When she feels beautiful, there’s no stopping her!

We are passionate about supporting women to realize and actualize their most beautiful selves with Devera Naturals’ results-driven products. Providing customers with superior products and superior service is the standard, not the option. When Linda Joffe, Devera Naturals’ founder, had breast cancer, she became empowered to study and to learn about the harmful ingredients found in so many beauty products. This prompted her to set the company’s formulaic standards uncompromisingly high, using only natural and organic ingredients. No unsafe ingredients will ever be found in our formulas. Only naturally benefiting, and non-toxic ingredients are utilized, and we believe with vigor and with passion, that Pure is Best.

We know our full potential should be without limit. Your health, your beauty, and having the strength and confidence wherever life’s path may lead you – this is the heart of all of us at Devera Naturals, simply our raison d’etre!

Devera Naturals products will never include harmful ingredients, such as parabens, petroleum, petroleum derivatives, pesticides, phthalates, or synthetic dyes, colors, or fragrances. Our products are contained in environmentally friendly recyclable containers.