Devera RoseMy mother was a woman ahead of her time. She was beautiful and fashionable, but she was also smart and empowered. She was a woman who spoke her mind. She played golf and took up tennis in her 60’s. She and my father loved ballroom dancing. She was also funny and fun-loving. Her age never entered her mind!

She taught my sisters and me to stand up for ourselves. She taught us to be smart independent women. She taught us to keep a sense of humor. Had the time been right, she would have made an amazing businesswoman. All three of us girls embraced these qualities and we all have an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit.

Mom was so fashion-forward, that my sisters and I loved shopping at “My Mother’s Closet”. When I took her shopping when she was in her 80’s, she would look at some of the clothes and say, “Those are too old lady for me.” She loved seeing us at our very best and guided us in making important lifelong choices.

She introduced us to beauty products when we were 18. My grandmother had a flawless complexion and my mother learned from her. And we all had a great time trying various beauty products and playing with makeup. This is what inspired me to create Devera Naturals. I know my mother is watching and she would have loved to be a part of it!

Incidentally, my mother was an outstanding shopper. She loved to shop at Loehmann’s (with a coupon, of course)! So in honor of Devera Rose, we are offering BOGOHO. Choose any product and the second one is 50% off! Mom would have loved that!!!

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