Meet Linda

Meet Linda

She’s ambitious, tenacious, and a stickler for achieving the best. Her husband would say – a wonderful sense of balance in personal beauty and a great sense of humor. To her friends – a survivor, zest for life, and family-oriented. Meet Linda, the founder of Devera Naturals. A highly imaginative marketer and a stunner of all things fashion and beauty related. Full of life and laughter, Linda has been through the ups and downs, tried this, and accomplished that – natural real woman. She is the driving force behind Devera Naturals. “My earliest recollection of beauty was of my grandmother, sitting at her dressing table, religiously applying cold cream to her magnificent skin. She would always tell us …be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you.”


As the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of a beautiful fashion-forward mother, Linda grew up in a world of trends and beauty secrets. “My mother introduced us to skincare products at an early age…I was fascinated by the potential of these products, so I naturally tried many throughout my years.”


In the 70’s, Linda attended the Ohio State University where she majored in Home Economics. Like a true fashionista, she dressed like a hippie but mainly because she liked the look. Fueled by her undeniable zest for life, Linda jumped at the opportunity to spend her first summer in San Francisco where she “had an eye opener of a lifetime” kinda time.

Soon after, courtesy of her older sister, Linda went on a blind date with the still spicy love of her life – South African native, Leslie. After quickly falling head over heels, Linda met Leslie’s exotic, stunning mother, Fania, an Egyptian native. Linda recalls time spent with Fania, describing “the most amazing trips to Manhattan, shopping for makeup, attending fashion shows, perusing the arts… Fania, like my mother and grandmother, was a strong, confident woman, eager to share her life lessons in the world of beauty and fashion ..and I was just as eager to listen and learn.”



From a lifetime of fashion and beauty influence, Linda naturally co-founded Sport Deco, Inc., a boutique line of ladies’ clothing known for its hand painted denim jackets. If anyone knows anything about the 80’s, they know that these were in. These jackets sold from coast to coast, making various appearances in the spotlight, from the Tom Hanks movie, “Big,” to the MTV Music Awards, to the prize options of the then popular Pepsi sweepstakes.


With her entrepreneurial spirit fully intact, Linda said goodbye to the jean jacket decade and said hello to the ad world. Linda Joffe & Associates produced and sold promotional items to companies and networks ranging from Gatorade and Quaker Oats to MGM and AOL.


Linda surrendered to her inevitable drive and passion at perhaps an inopportune time. Putting aside her thoughts of rest and relaxation, she picked up her professional attire and harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to begin the journey towards a very special endeavor, known to you as Devera Naturals.