When asked why Devera Naturals products are so effective, I always reply, ”It’s all in the oils.”

Essential OilsNot all oils are created equally. Higher-priced oils are less refined, less processed and purer. Less expensive oils are more refined and some of the byproducts of the process remain in the oils. Less-processed means higher quality and higher price. With oils you get what you pay for.

After much research I chose Kukui Oil and Macadamia Oil for Devera Naturals’ products. When combined, these oils are able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin carrying with them the anti-aging ingredients in our products.

These oils are packed with vitamins A, D, and E. They are very high in Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which our bodies do not produce. EFAs safeguard the skin and prevent free-radical damage to the skin cells.

Only the best ingredients are used in Devera Naturals luxurious results-driven products!

Polynesians have used these healing oils for centuries. Medical studies prove they help heal all burns, especially radiation, eczema and psoriasis.

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