“NATURAL” Does NOT Necessarily Equal “SAFE”

Ingredients To AvoidJust because a product has all natural ingredients does not mean that all the ingredients are safe. Alcohol, for example, in skin-care products causes dryness and free-radical damage, and impairs the skin’s ability to heal. The irritation it causes damages healthy collagen production and can stimulate oil production at the base of the pore, making oily skin worse.

Superfluous ingredients sound intriguing but have no benefits at all. You are paying for that when you purchase the product. Examples of this are red clover, beta-carotene, and cosmetic ingredients such as mica and iron oxide.

There are even oils that are not so good for you. Soybean oil is a hormone disrupter. It has an estrogen-like effect and is an oil to avoid for women who have a family history of breast cancer or have the BRCA1 gene.

Fragrance ingredients are to be avoided. Even if they are considered natural, they may contain synthetic ingredients. These ingredients can cause allergies and may irritate eyes, skin and lungs, as well as cause headaches and sinus problems. They are full of chemicals that may include phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors. These ingredients may also cause organ system toxicity, as well as many other side effects. Keep in mind that many substances that have been discovered in fragrances have not specifically been tested for human safety.

Devera Naturals was developed to eliminate any risk of potentially negative side effects as described above. Devera uses ONLY safe natural ingredients. We follow the guidelines of the Natural Products Association, EWG and Whole Foods Premium Care list of unacceptable ingredients. No ingredients are added because they may seem exotic or unusual. Only the very best ingredients are used in all of Devera Natural’s products.

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