Earth Day has taught us to carefully nurture our environment and it has led to the growth of luxurious green beauty.

Flower with a rainbow and the earthWe have two environmental attorneys in our family, which has made me keenly aware of how I design Devera Naturals’ products. Our Garden to Face formulas utilize only natural and healthy ingredients. For example, our key ingredients, kukuii oil and macadamia oil, are sustainably harvested and less processed and purer than other oils. Another key ingredient is edelweiss plant stem cells, which are sustainably harvested in the Alps. Lemon peel bio-ferment in our Multi-Vitamin Serum is a healthful way to even skin tone.

Our packaging also reflects our concern for the environment. The lifecycle of glass—from natural raw materials, to manufacturing, through closed loop recycling—sets the environmental standard for cosmetic packaging. Glass is infinitely recyclable and made from all natural ingredients.

The results? Eco Chic products from Devera Naturals.

Yours in Green Beauty,

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