Our Story

Our Story

Inspiration from a visit to a country garden in Pandora, Ohio led me to the creation of Devera Naturals. In the summer of 2002, my husband’s business friend welcomed us, along with his extended old- world Swiss Mennonite family, to his home in the countryside of Ohio for Sunday dinner. After dinner, Marilu, the grandmother, offered me a tour of her beautiful garden. She told me how she and her grandchildren harvested the botanicals and made natural skin care products using recipes passed down through many generations. I was quite simply amazed.

As I used the products she gave me, I began to notice a dramatic improvement in my complexion. I was hooked and so were my mother and sisters. In 2004 my beautiful mother, Devera Rose (Rosie to those who knew her) passed away from colon cancer and I was diagnosed with breast cancer the same week. Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on the skin, but my skin faired beautifully as I continued using Marilu’s products. I was surprised when I received compliments about how well I looked!

I was increasingly loyal to Marilu’s products when she decided to slow down. She knew about my entrepreneurial background and offered me the opportunity to create my own business with her products. She taught me how to make each of her “recipes.”

I then began the long, rigorous journey to develop and bring to market a natural Swiss origin skincare line but with additional high-performance ingredients. When I researched the cosmetic industry, I discovered that there were ingredients in many skin care products that were known carcinogens. Some of them had been found in biopsied breast tissue. I was shocked at how common this was. And so, I became an ingredient geek. I was fascinated by the potential of the natural ingredients I discovered and I was determined to offer 100% natural results driven products that performed as well as or better than the department store brands. I decided that I was the customer and that the products had to work on me. If they didn’t, down the drain they went.

Harnessing my college chemistry background and armed with high performance natural ingredients, I began two years of intensive research and rigorously repeated trial and error in my kitchen. I was passionate about creating natural skincare products that stood up to my uncompromisingly high standards while still remaining true to the Swiss origin.

At last I developed exciting formulas with fabulous results. My friends and family loved them. And now I am pleased to present the Devera Naturals Garden to Face products to you.

Linda Joffe