Have you seen her lately? She’s fierce, fabulous and over 40!


Long gone are the days when anyone over 40 wore cardigans and sensible shoes! Today women over 40 are moms, grandmothers, and either working or retired. Women are vibrant, active, relevant and involved. We, who are over 40, love fashion but have a hard time finding great fashions for our over 40+ figures. We also have a difficult time shopping for beauty products when the salespeople are closer to 20 and have no idea what aging skin truly needs.  Skincare and make-up brands are not addressing the needs of women over 40.

Devera Naturals was made just for this woman. The products are 100% natural for healthy, beautiful skin. Each product is results driven to address all the issues of skin that needs anti-aging benefits. Our products deliver ingredients full of antioxidants, peptides, build collagen and have the highest quality oils that are hydrating, not pore clogging. Our serum, eye cream, and facial lotion are here to help repair damaged cells, alleviate the appearance of wrinkles and lines, plump dry skin, and brighten dull complexions. We want to bring you the very best to help you look your very best.

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