Devera Naturals Story

From Garden to Face

Marilus Garden

Marilu’s Garden

In the summer of 2002, my husband’s business friend welcomed us, along with his extended old- world Swiss family, to his home in the countryside of Ohio for Sunday dinner. The natural setting of the farmland was relaxing and beautiful, adorned with growing vegetables and an exquisite flower garden.

After dinner, as we were enjoying the outdoors’ clean crisp air, Marilu, the grandmother, and I quickly landed on female chatter, as women so naturally do with each other! When I commented on her beautiful complexion, she responded by sharing with me a very special family tradition that had been passed down through many generations – one that she had carried on for almost 50 years.

Marilu and her grandchildren made their own natural skincare products based on recipes formulated by their Swiss ancestors based on the belief that pure ingredients provide the best results. Infused into the products were the botanicals harvested from their family’s flower garden.

I was excited when she offered me samples, as I was eager to try any product associated with this older woman’s beautiful, smooth complexion.

My own skin was often dry with the inevitable wrinkle or two or three (who’s counting!?). I tended to use the expensive department store brands and a few lower priced drug store brands. Few worked and those that did were expensive and often contained harmful, unnatural ingredients.

I used all the samples and was hooked.

My skin looked and felt fabulous. The inevitable wrinkles were less noticeable as my skin was deeply moisturized and evenly toned. I purchased more and shared them with my mother and sisters. We quickly became loyal, continuing to use the soap and skincare creams for years.

As for life, there’s never a good time for the worst times. In 2004, my beautiful mother, Devera Rose (Rosie to those who knew her well), passed away and soon afterwards, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Later, while undergoing chemotherapy, when the body is thrown into turmoil, and skin can become very dry, discolored, and patchy, I continued to use the soap and skincare creams. My skin faired considerably well through the treatment and I actually received a number of compliments on how well I looked.

In 2006, still loyal to Marilu’s products, my entrepreneurial spirit inevitably chimed in, as it so often has in the past, and was greeted by the Swiss family’s interest in expanding their product distribution into stores. At this time, I was undergoing a series of surgeries following the chemotherapy, so my thoughts were closer to semi-retired than a full-time professional. However, as history inevitably repeats itself, my ambition got the best of me.

From the Swiss origins and pure is best roots, the natural skincare products stood the test of time for my sisters, for me, and for several generations before us (and for chemo too!). Only natural was my desire and determination to share what had made us feel beautiful.

The naming of this endeavor would only feel right if the most beautiful woman I knew was linked with the essence of these products. And so it was, Devera Naturals.

Since the products were wonderful in their original form, I focused on ensuring their shelf stability. To keep with tradition, I had the honor of revisiting that exquisite flower garden in the countryside of Ohio to be handed down, step by step, Marilu’s family recipes.

Devera Naturals ProductsWith the recipes in hand, I began the long, rigorous journey to develop and bring to market shelf stable, natural Swiss origin, pure is best roots, Devera Naturals skincare line. I researched the cosmetic industry and began to think how a minor tweak here and the addition of a little something there would put these natural products over the top. They would deliver the results of the high priced brands but would contain only natural ingredients.Through intensive research and rigorously repeated trial and error, I developed the natural skincare line that stood up to my uncompromisingly high standards while still remaining true to the Swiss origin and pure is best roots.

And so, I present to you, Devera Naturals’ natural skincare line.