When I met Marilu she was making natural skin care products using her own garden botanicals. I was fascinated. I had never thought about how these products were made. I always bought my facial products at a department store. Marilu gave me several jars of her products. As I began to use them, I noticed that my skin looked radiant!!

Some time after that, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I began to look at the ingredients in all the facial and body products that I had been using. I knew that whatever you put on your body was absorbed into your body. When I realized that my old products were made with harmful ingredients, some of which had been found in dissected breast cancer tissue, I was shocked.

That’s when it happened: something clicked inside my head. Why not embrace wellness and beauty by making all natural beauty products that performed as well as, if not better than, the expensive department store brands?

I knew what women wanted; after all, I was that customer.

I began to research natural ingredients. I became passionate about finding the best natural ingredients and that is when I became known as an Ingredient Geek!
Marilu taught me how to make creams and lotions. I started formulating my own creations in my kitchen. Batch after batch after batch went into the trash. My passion drove me. It had to work or I wasn’t going to sell it. It took almost two years to create my brand. I decided to name it Devera Naturals in memory of my beautiful mother, Devera Rose.

My products were so clean and pure that Devera Naturals began to sell to boutiques and hospital stores catering to cancer patients. And at the same time, women unaffected by cancer were coming in to buy my products. They all loved my products! And that is how this journey began.