CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant hemp is the newest sensation in skin care. And no, you won’t get high from it. Widely used for aches, pains, eczema and psoriasis, chemists have recently discovered miraculous results when CBD Oil is used in cosmetics. Some call it the new argan oil. A New York Times reporter has called it “Beauty’s New High.”

Hemp and marijuana are both in the same family of cannabis plants. Marijuana seed oil contains THC, which causes a euphoric high. Hemp has had THC bred out of it. Hemp CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states.

CBD Oil is an excellent moisturizer, won’t clog pores, and prevents premature aging. CBD Oil plumps the skin, enhances radiance and almost immediately diminishes lines and wrinkles. It constantly regenerates skin cells for a more youthful look. The oil fights acne and other skin issues and works on all types of skin from dry to oily. Some of the best nutrients for the skin can be found in CBD oil. Vitamins A, B, E, D and essential fatty acids combine to boost elasticity andstimulatecollagen production.

Devera NaturalsSensational in 60 Seconds Lifting Serum has a powerful combination of CBD Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. The two ingredients work together to deeply hydrate and draw moisture to the skin. Results begin to appear in as little as a minute or two. Twice a day use increases the benefits.

So when you are told that you look fantastic (you’ll hear that a lot), just say it’s the CBD Oil in my Devera Naturals Sensational in 60 Seconds Lifting Serum!

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