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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to update my readers on the status of my personal journey. Cancer has impacted my entire family. How we have dealt with it is another story.

My sister’s breast cancer diagnosis was shocking. There was no history of breast cancer in our family. After running the gamut of emotions, she decided that she would have “Optimal Health”. Meditation and positive visualization were her best allies. As she went through a lumpectomy and radiation, Cindy was an inspiration to me.

Eight months later I was diagnosed, however in my case the cancer was more extensive and required both breasts being removed. After the initial period of shock and fear, I decided that the surgeons were going to get all of the cancer and that was that. I was quite well endowed for a petite frame and had always wanted breast reduction surgery – wow, be careful what you wish for!

Cindy and I, in our own ways, wanted to help other women fighting the breast cancer battle. My mother introduced us to skin care products at an early age and I had used high end products ever since. When I went through surgery and chemo I looked into the ingredients in the products I had been using. That was a real eye opener! Finding toxic ingredients and known carcinogens in most skin care products was shocking; after all, what we put on our bodies and put in our bodies have the same effects. And why after being treated for cancer would you ever put those products on your skin?

And so I created Devera Naturals. I wanted safe products with all the bells and whistles of the expensive brands. I was the customer and they had to work on me. Cancer hospital stores and boutiques around the country embraced the products. People unaffected by cancer were also buying my products. And we proudly support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. NBCF provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, MyNBCF online support community, and breast cancer research programs. 

My sister, Cindy Paine, is an author, life-coach, speaker and workshop and retreat leader. She has been a cancer survivor for 13 years. When she was diagnosed, there was medical support for treating the cancer, but there was not much available in the way of mental and emotional support. She was inspired to use her life’s work of coaching and developed her Clear-Connect-Create Method and apply it to her own emotional healing. By using her own tools, techniques and visualizations, she was able to achieve her goal of Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer. Cindy feels her life’s mission was to bring forth a new program to transform the mental and emotional experience of going through cancer and bring that support to everyone. She created the Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer Program. She has been speaking to cancer survivor groups around the country.

Her dream is that every person going through this journey can achieve Optimal Well-Being! For the month of October, Cindy is offering one 30 minute coaching session. Her link is:  

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