Benefits of coconut water for skin

Using coconut water for skin careAn extremely popular drink in Brazil, known for its hydrating and remineralizing properties, coconut water is a natural acid sterile solution, rich in essential aminoacids, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts, as well as cell growth factors. The electrolyte concentration of coconut water is comparable to blood plasma. The presence of essential aminoacids, complex B vitamins, ascorbic acids and various electrolytes mean that it is recommended for intravenous infusion in patients with severe dehydration and even in cases of advanced malnourishment. It can be used as a supplement in culture mediums for animal and vegetable tissue, since the perfect combination of nutrients and growth factors promotes cellular proliferation on anextraordinary scale.

Coconut water has a great capacity for the preservation of cell viability.  Popular culture in Indonesia and Malaysia – countries where there is a rich tradition of coconut use and its derivatives – says that “the use of green cleans the face of all its wrinkles and imperfections, returning the rosey tone of youth to the skin.”

Coconut water can be very beneficial to your skin when applied topically.  Here are some of the positive results reported by many who have tried this natural moisturizer:

  • Glowing skin
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduced oil and greasiness
  • Natural moisturizer

Is Coconut water good for your skin?

Skin care for eyesSerum fruit of the coconut (Cocus nucifera) is widely known in popular culture for its moisturizing properties and mineral content.

In fact, serum or coconut water has a high concentration of potassium and magnesium, and contains many essential minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese and silicon. The delicate balance of serum also includes sugars, essential amino acids, cell growth factors, moisturizing polysaccharides, among others.

The formation of a coconut water system in vector bioactive seaweed polysaccharides results in a stable product that combines the benefits of both active, allowing the provision of biodinamizadores factors in an efficient and elegant way coconut water hair- products and skin-care.

Devera Naturals combines coconut water with marine extract. This combination forms a moisturizing film. The film helps to stimulate the actions of other active ingredient. Together they offer:

  • Moisturing
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Protection
  • Softness and smoothness
  • Treatment
  • Revitalization

Coconut water is found in our Multi-Vitamin Serum, Snow Flower Crème and Miracle eyes.

Multi-Vitamin Serum with Ingredients Miracle Eyes with Ingredients Snow Flower Creme with Ingredients

The marine extracts Devera Naturals uses are sustainably harvested.  We combine green coconut water and marine algae in our products. Green coconut water is rich in essential aminoacids, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts, as well as cell growth factors. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and aminoacids. The combination of coconut water ectorized in the presence of marine algae bioactive polysaccharides, results in a stable product which combines the benefits of the two active ingredients and makes available the biodynamizing factors of the coconut water in an efficient and elegant manner, in is comparable to blood plasma. The presence of essential aminoacids, complex B vitamins, ascorbic acids and various electrolytesis like blood plasma. The coconut water combines, in an efficient and elegant way, the hydrating and protective activity of the marine algae, with the mineral salts and biocatalyzers of the coconut water. It boasts high levels of essential mineral salts, vitamins, aminoacids and biocatalyzers. The high level of soluble silicon and essential minerals found in the marine extrancts and coconut water, means that it is particularly recommended for the structural support of skin

Large concentration of minerals, aminoacids and vitamins

What to look for on the label: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Extract

Just as there are many benefits associated with coconut water, there are also many ways to utilize this natural nectar.

  • Skin Care

Wash your face with coconut water? Yep. A popular clarifying practice in India, coconut water is said to reduce acne, control oily skin and moisturize.

·      Hangover Cure

That party was great last night; the hangover…not so much. The culprits behind your splitting headache are dehydration and depleted levels of potassium and electrolytes. Enter coconut water, which is loaded with potassium (containing slightly more than a banana) and electrolytes. Want to take it a step further? Drinking coconut water before you go to bed or using it as a mixer in your drinks can preemptively cut down on hangover symptoms..

  • Cooking

Try substituting coconut water for stock or plain water when cooking rice or soups. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, a half-and-half ratio with water will still add great flavor to your food. It’s also a healthy option when making smoothies, as it has more fiber and is lower in calories than, say, orange juice.

  • Sports Hydration

Gatorade has long reigned as the king of rehydration drinks, especially among the sporty crowd. Though it still leads in sodium content, which is important for extended workouts, coconut water holds its own when it comes to rehydration and potassium content. It’s naturally isotonic and has the same level of electrolytes as found in human blood. It’s particularly effective when used before a workout, as the potassium stems off muscle cramping. Fun fact: Coconut water was used in WWII as a plasma replacement when medical supplies were running low.

  • Weight Loss

Keeping your body hydrated is key if you’re trying to lose weight. Dehydration slows down your metabolism, meaning you’re burning calories at a far slower rate than you should. Granted, water is the ultimate hydrant, but coconut water isn’t far behind. It’s low in calories, has zero cholesterol and has very little fat. Another bonus is its high fiber content—much higher than most juices and with a lot less sugar. Though it goes without saying that coconut water isn’t a weight-loss cure-all, it’s helpful in keeping you hydrated and feeling full. [1]

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