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Linda Joffe was so sure of her natural skincare line, Devera Naturals (so gentle that it is even used for cancer patients), that she sent us her entire line for review. And review I did. Not just for a few days, but for an entire month. Skin can take time to adjust to new products and we wanted to see just how well the treatments worked. Is this professional skincare line for you or your clients? Here’s the low-down:

SPA PROFESSIONALS: Read our interview with Linda and see why she uses only natural healing oils in her skincare line and why it should be considered for your salon.
Photo credits: Devera Naturals
Please note: Mel, our tester, has oily combination skin with dry patches on the cheeks and forehead.)


Natural Ingredients | Rosewater Cleansing Toner  [[FAVORITE]]


This is the freshest scent of rose imaginable! It is very light on the face and perfect when right out of the shower and the pores are still wide open from the steam.  I tried it also as a makeup remover just to see how well it worked.  It did relatively well!


Skincare Exfoliator & Antioxidants | Cranberry Smoothie


I have sensitive skin so finding an exfoliating product has always been difficult for me. Even products that specify that they are for sensitive skin have been problematic, immediately turning my skin red.  For this product, I recommend mixing it with water and lightly rubbing in circular motions onto the skin. It will leave the skin feeling sooth and supple, while not causing any irritation. When I followed this protocol, I had no issues with redness whatsoever.


Natural Eye Creams | Miracle Eyes


This product gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  It is thick and creamy (just how I like my eye creams) and I did see some results with a reduction of the puffy circles under my eyes.  On top of this was the bonus of leaving absolutely no oily residue.  If oily eyelids are a common occurrence for you, there is nothing to be afraid of with this product.


Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Treatments | Multi-Vitamin Serum  [[FAVORITE]]


We all know that multi-vitamins are a great way to combat wrinkles and early signs of aging.  This serum is a killer cocktail of vitamins and smells amazing!  I put this underneath my moisturizer, but after my toner.  It made my skin feel smooth, without over-hydrating it. It just seems natural to want to use this everyday under the daily moisturizer.  And knowing that these are natural plant stem ingredients means it is even more potent than what you would find, say, at the drugstore.


Daily Moisturizer w/Natural Ingredients |  Snow Flower Creme  [[FAVORITE]]


I don’t know what a snow flower is but I can say it smells amazing!  The texture & creaminess of this product is just right. It also has a pump that dispenses just the perfect amount and does not allow oxygen in the bottle (which could potentially make the product go “sour” faster).  The smooth feel of this immediately absorbed into my skin and left a perfect blank slate for makeup application! One factor I always look at is how primer reacts on top of different types of moisturizer.  And my primer worked just as well as it normally would (It’s made by Lorac, by the way).  The hydration was there, the beautiful smells of “snow flower” were there, and my skin looked perfectly radiant as well.


Thick Repair Creme For Ultra Dry Skin | Purest Pearl


This is a very thick repair cream.  I imagine for those with ultra dry skin this works like a charm!  For me though, I do not have very dry skin, so I opted to put it on my knees, hands, and elbows (the driest of dry parts) and it really did make a difference!  My knees soaked it up like sponges and there was no greasy residue.


Awesome Lip Balm | Bodacious Lips  [[FAVORITE]]


This lip balm is so unassuming until you put it across your lips. The packaging immediately had me interested. Upon application, I felt it was so smooth and gleamy, it looked like I put on a lip gloss.  It made my lips feel amazing… tingly even.  It may have been my imagination but I think it did plump a little.  This is definitely one to sell at every salon counter for sure!  It is one that should be in your purse or desk drawer so you can reach for it ALL DAY LONG.


Wrinkle Line Repair | Bye Lines


As the name suggests, this product is great for reducing lines. I chose to just use it on my smile lines and that line between my eyes.  I applied it liberally.  Rut it in?  Not so much…instead let your skin soak it in.


Overall we give this Natural Skincare Professional product line 4.5 STARS

  • Great for green salons and beauty lovers who want to make a difference.
  • Great for dry skin with all natural ingredients
  • pumps allow for less oxygenation of product so it will last longer
  • all products give you a healthy glow and tone down redness or rosacea
  • fast absorption into the skin so there is no oily residue
  • large sizes that will last a long time
  • all less chemicals on your skin with results along the way



More Clarification from @linda regarding this line:

Purest Pearl was developed to help alleviate radiation burns. Two of the oils have medical studies that show how effective they are for repairing distressed skin. Many people use Purest Pearl for eczema, psoriasis, very dry skin, windburn and sunburn. I use three oils in this product. They are the most healing oils on earth. Ground pearl powder brings back the skin’s luster.

The directions for Cranberry Smoothie say to make an emulsion with warm water and then use on the face. By the way, people who are bald whether from chemo or not, love using Cranberry Smoothie on their scalps to get rid of the flakiness and to condition the scalp.

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